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We have seen careers in Occupational health and safety earlier. Now for each of this one must have the necessary competence before assigning that job responsibility. If one does not have so , then he has to undergo training , some times on job training with practices is helpful to acquire the desired competency.

Hiring an OHS Professional

While these qualities are relevant to the area of work and type of job position, there are also some key attributes and personal skills, which organization look for for employment to be made responsible for r OH&S system. :

Competency and Responsibilities : Assigning relevant responsibilities is the key. For eg an electrical engineer should be assigned responsibility of electrical safety and a mechanical engineer on equipment safety. With this one can better results in quick time and we can take safety to different levels by adopting newer technologies in their respective fields. Hence updating one/s knowledge is important. Not only technology but also legal and statutory requirements of different countries., but hiring a competent person will pay dividends. Depending on the sector your business operates in, your OH&S manager and his/her ability to run the This is exactly what ESC does in helping the professionals to implement and effective health and safety environmental management systems.

Able to command the respect of your employees: Safety professionals are never challenged. They always command respect. With an International Diploma from particularly ESC can be a feather in the cap.

Be a good communicator : Effective Communication is essence of Health and safety management systems. Active participation is all that is required leading from the front setting examples.Evoking positive response by making one understand is the effective communication. We at ESC are giving importance to this aspect by ensuring ourselves that we communicate effectively which satisfies 50%of our objectives.

Good relationships : We at ESC have ensured a open and transparent culture. The relationship between employee , employer , candidate , clients are cordial. We welcome constructive criticism for improvement. We follow ethical practices and moral code of conducts in addition to safety codes of practices Relationships with statutory or regulatory authorities is equally important. ESC knows that implementing health and safety system is a team work. We promote this culture during our training curriculum. Our safety training programs are designed that way. To encourage team work.

Above all our relationship with candidates and clients are impeccable of mutual trust and faith which is a motivating factor for us to scale new heights.