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Progression to UK University

University of Portsmouth recognises the Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in OHSM as progression route to MSc OHSM.

Start CSP prepartion today

On successful completion of ESC's IDHSE endorsed by Qualifi, Uk , learners can start preparing for CSP exam after obtaining TSP status.


Our dedicated support team is available to provide resolution to your queries and also support your learning by providing relevant details.

Qualifi Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM

ESC is the official learning partner of Qualifi Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM.

This course prepares learners to analyse the occupational safety and health management systems current implementation standards, evaluate the effects of globalisation on safety culture and implementation of sustainable OHS systems. There are 4 units in the course. Successful completion of this course can lead you into admissions in University of Portsmouth, UK for MSc OHSM with 60 credits.

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